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Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 days

It is official.  The Nester's  31 day challenege starts tomorrow.  It looks like it is going to be amazing!!!  I cannot wait to read all the posts.  There are great topics and some incredible bloggers linking up.

Wish me luck!!!

Day 1

One of the things I really want to finish this October challenge are the downstairs window sills.  Silly I know!!  Really, how many people come into my house and say - uhm, your window sills are ridiculously ugly.  But they really,really bother me.  It should be an easy project, but if you remember the window guys did not use paintable caulk.  And they used ALOT of nonpaintable caulk.  So it involves scraping off some of their caulk and recualking with paintable caulk.  Ick!!

So today I tackled the 2 windows in the master bedroom.  And actually to my surprise it was not that bad.  Maybe it was because I had done all the trial and error with the living room windows.

So any way - day 1 .....complete!!!  And it was a pleasnat surprise that something I was soooo dreading turned out to be rather easy.

Ahhh - so clean and shiny!!

Happy DIY'ing


  1. I wish you luck on your journey, that is a big challenge isn't it?

  2. Thank you Vikki!! And actually it is rather scary!!

  3. Well done, you! I don't think I'll ever finish what I start!

  4. I admit, I was hoping you'd tell me how to finish what I've started. All of it. As if it - this - was finite. :-)

  5. Thanks Missy - and I think you do a great job of finishing what you start - I am still swooning over your most recent blanket!!

    Haha Michelle!! I guess I should have titled it finishing what I have started!!