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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days.... Day 5

So my Honey is really appreciating this linky party.  I am getting lots of things off of "our" to do list.  And I am doing them with out recruiting him... so far.  It does feel good to get some of these off my conscience.  And taking the time to figure out why I have procrastinated may possibly help me to not have so many unfinished projects in the future.  Blahahaha  - not even I truly believe that one!!

So on to today's project.  This one is pretty shameful and requires a little history, too.  When we bought our house the dining room was peach wall paper with a peach and mint green wall paper border.  Can you say eeewww.  I certainly could!!  And the wall paper was placed directly on the bare sheet rock - and it was obviously applied with cement or something equally as strong.  Trying to remove it actually removed huge chunks of sheet rock.

So on to plan B.  Remember this is waayyy before I discovered blogland.  The daughters and I decided we could texture this room ourselves.  So the 3 of us hike ourselves to the home improvement store where the ever so helpful salesman convinces us that the easiest way for us to texture is to buy this roller that looks like a plastic poodle perm and mix texturing powder into primer.  Whatever you do  -  It is the strangest texture ever.  Not at all what we were going for and makes a huge, huge mess.  Augh!

Then we painted the walls and had a friend hang moulding for us.  Well that was 3 years ago.  Here is the sad part.  On the wall where our built ins are, our friend could not get the moulding in.  So today - I cut in the paint to the ceiling

I did not feel like waiting for the paint to dry - so the paint is actually the same color - just wet.

But here is where blog land is so wonderful.  The built ins do not actually touch the wall on the sides so there was this very irritating gap.  Looking at several blogs I had an "ah-ha" moment.  Caulk - my new BFF

Again - wet paint

Floor to ceiling - caulked and painted!!  Woo hoo - thank you blog land!!  This was such an improvement.

Again this one was easy to figure out why I procrastinated.  I was not very happy with the texturing and really irritated that the moulding could not go on the wall with the built in - so I just stopped. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with less than perfect or a project that did not turn out at all like you hoped.  Now I am motivated to figure out what to do to finish the dining room - as in what to do with the built ins.

Oh and I have been busy with other things

This little guy showed up at our house yesterday

We have been trying our best to find his owner - we have been walking our neighborhood, putting out fliers, ads on craigslist.  But no luck.

And let me tell you - this little guy demands attention - alot of attention.

So until tomorrow

Happy Diy'ing!!


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