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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn approaching

Ok - so I am not doing any better at posting.  Things just seem to always get a little crazy around here.  Life with kids!!!

So the other day I decided to break out all my fall decorations - even though it was still in the 90's here.  So I dig out all the boxes I can find.  Hmmm..there does not seem to be enough there.  So I completely empty one closet (insert snickers from youngest daughter here).  Nothing more.  Hmmm - so I dig through the Christmas closet - just in case. (more giggles and snickers from youngest one)  Nothing - hmmmm.  Garage - surely not.  But I check.  Nothing (laughter from youngest daughter)  Outside storage shed. Nothing.  Finally youngest daughter says - hey mom, you should see all the pictures oldest daughter just posted of "her" fall decorations. 

Yep - youngest daughter let me look for over an hour for my fall decor while thinking I had lost my mind.  Only to tell me that my two darling daughters have raided about 75 percent of my goodies for oldest one's house.  Really??!!??  Kids - gotta love em.  Well most of the time.

So I did set out what I had left

Kitchen counters

fall wax burner number 1

I have had this pilgrim tea pitcher for years, thank goodness I still do!!

The foyer
My zero dollar project.  Left over beadboard from stairs.  Leftover paint from laundry room.  Old basket.  Leftover picks and sunflower from wreath and old vase filler from years past

Lanterns with fall leaves in the window sills

Dining room

Basket of indian corn, leaves, and wood turkey on counter

Living room

cornucopia 1


wax burner 3 - scent-sing a theme?

And finally a bushel of fabric and book page pumpkins that I have started.  Hopefully I will finish - and hopefully it will cool down so that I will be motivated to do so!!  Here is the tutorial that I used for the fabric pumpkins.  They are easier than I thought they would be.  But a little more time consuming.  And here is one for the book page pumpkins.  These were super easy - and fast.  I have plans to make more pumpkins and hopefully a few other fall crafts.  Now I just hope I have the time to keep up with my ideas!!!

Since this blog is about keeping myself accountable, I have somewhat committed myself to join in on The Nester and Co. for 31 days of change. I am hopeful that I will complete this task and post. every. single. day.  It is daunting - but it is all about keeping myself accountable!!  I have chosen the topic 31 days of finishing what you start.  As in - yes - I easily have enough started projects to keep me busy for 31 days.  Embarrassing!! 

If you are game - link up with The Nester and Co. - or at least follow along.  There are going to be some great topics!!

Throw in 3 birthdays in October - youngest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson all in the same week - and this promises to be a crazy month in the hollow!!!

Happy DIY'ing!!!


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