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Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days... Day 29

Well actually the title to this post should be - huge project fail.  HUGE!!

Backing up to the beginning of the story - I am slowly, occasionally working on redoing the master bedroom.  Very, very slowly.  One thing I wanted to do was to take an icky blicky old lamp and repurpose it.  Sounds like a good plan so far right?

On blogland bloggers are wrapping everything with jute.  It looks so easy - just wrap and glue. I love the results and it would look perfect with what I have in mind for our room.

So today I broke out the jute and started wrapping

Hmmm - started off ok.  But I could not keep it wrapping even.  Then every so often the glue would let go and it would pop off and the coils would loosen.  Then I would have to cut that off and start over.  This happened way too many times.  I worked on this ridiculous lamp off and on for the whole day.

This one was the best attempt

Don't you just love the wide gaps and exposed glue!!  So not the look I was going for!!

Honey stepped in and said the jute I was using was too small so off to the store I ran and bought much wider jute.  Surely that would work...

Well we may never know, because when I got back home and plugged in my ever faithful friend

Smoked, sparked, caught on fire.  Waaahaaahaaa!!!

So now I am stuck and cannot even attempt to finish my project of the day.


So until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


1 comment:

  1. I'm beginning to hate the monthly projects, I am good on the first day or two and that's it!

    The lamp looks good! Remember, you are only looking at the imperfections, everyone else will be looking at it as a whole!