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Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days...Day 27

I guess this can count as finishing what you start in a way...I did start this family.  Pushing it?? 

The past 2 days have been a whirlwind of birthday festivities.  Now I am really tired!!

Yesterday was youngest daughter's 19th  - wow it seems impossible to say that!!  We all went to her favorite Italian restaurant in Oklahoma City.  It is a very, very nice place and we always enjoy it there.  The problem may be that we enjoy it too much.  Have I mentioned my kids are nuts??

Really - we should not be allowed out in public.  We spent half the night teaching this one how to "slurp" his spaghetti one noodle at a time.

Then the ever so brave waitress brought out a birthday brownie and you guessed it.  In the really nice restaurant we belted out the most off key and loudest version of happy birthday you have ever heard followed by a standing ovation for our birthday princess. 

One day this ever so wonderful restaurant may quit taking reservations in our name.

Oldest daughter bought youngest daughter the most beautiful arrangement of roses.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it.  In it were branches with teeny tiny live pumpkins.  Too cute!!  Of course - the daughters plucked some pumpkins and posed them for photo shoots.  Yep - still in the restaurant.
On the birthday brownie

In a tea spoon

Yep - those are my kids!!

Then it was home for her favorite cake.


But I would say she really enjoyed her day! 

Then today was grandson's birthday.  So it was time for his favorite dinner - pizza.  Once again we all gathered.  This time at oldest daughter's house for dinner and cake - which he did not get this morning at 5:30 when he woke up asking for cake for breakfast.

And of course lots of presents

oh look it is that famous Transformer - Captain America!

Once we had him hyped up on cake and ice cream, playing like a mad man with all his new toys and up past his bedtime - we left.  Tee heee - the joy of being a grandparent!! 

I do have some real projects left for this last weekend of the 31 day challenge.  Hopefully I will get them done.  One of my projects will be helping to put together the trampoline we got grand-monster for his birthday.  Of course today a rainy cold front hit - so he thinks we gave him a big box in his garage!  poor kid!!

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


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