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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days... Day 25

Less than a week to go - woo hoo!!  Unfortunately I have way more than a week's worth of projects left - but I feel like I have made incredible headway with what I have gotten done thus far.

Today I finished the little burlap pillows for the front porch and got them into the chairs.

OK - now I need to go outside and straighten this one

Not my best work ever - the outdoor cushions were "foamy" and the material kept sticking to it.  Next time just regular pillow forms.

At least the porch is looking a little more "fall-ish."

And youngest daughter surprised me by spending part of her birthday money on cute pumpkins for moi.  And then she even made 2 arrangements for me

one in the kitchen window
And one in the foyer

Sometimes kids can really wow ya'!!!

Oh and another completed project - the office/craft room is spotless!!!  No half finished projects laying around - no craft supplies on the floor.  It is all scrubbed from top to bottom and all organized.  I even organized Honey's stuff for him - and did a little purging for both of us.  His  side could use a lot more purging - but I will take what I can get!!

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


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