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Friday, October 7, 2011

31 days ...... Day 7

Another crazy day in the Hollow.  Honey and I walked little guy for over an hour.  Still no luck finding his owner.  It is so sad that we cannot find them because it is obvious he was loved and well taken care of.  We have now scoured our neighborhood and have met lots of nice people.  Lots of them offered to adopt our little guy, but none even recognize him.  Poor little guy.  If any one has suggestions on finding a pet owner please let us know.  So far we have
-walked the neighborhood with him - lots
-put ads on craigslist
-called the local vets and given them a description and our number
-called the ASPCA and done the same
-put out fliers
-taken him to see if he has a microchip

We have no idea what else to do.

But on to the 31 day challenge

Today I finished the fabric pumpkin pumpkin patch I had started.  Well - at least I finished the ones I started.  They all needed stems and leaves. I may make more if time allows so I cannot say I am finished with 100 percent certainty.  But the ones I have started are finished - so that is one more incomplete project done.

I am really pleased with how they turned out

The off white one has a crocheted doily on it that my mom made probably in the 70's.  I did not damage it - it is just tucked under the jute that is used to form the pumpkin shape.  Here is a great tutorial for making fabric pumpkins - they are really easy to make.  And by the way - she suggests using a plastic needle, trust her on this!!  I almost skewered myself on the metal one.  If you do decide to make them - get a few back up needles if you are making large pumpkins.  I went through 3. 

I like them sort of tossed by the fireplace.  I think though that I need to find a basket that they can be "spilling" out of for it to look a little better.

Tomorrow will be another crazy day here.  It is OU/Texas - always a huge deal around here.  And then the girls and I are going to our first ever flea market.  Wish us luck!!!

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


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  1. Sew cute! Thanks for coming to link up this week! I just wanted to let you know you will be featured this week at my linkup party! Such a cute idea and I hope you find that little doggie's home, he's just too cute!