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Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days... Day 10

We are in double digits of the 31 Days - woo hoo!!!

Today I attempted my first subway art or something along those lines.  I have tons of canvases from when my daughters used to paint on them for fun.  So a few months ago I painted one brown to match the furniture in the guest bedroom. 

Yep - that is as far as I got.  I could not decide what words to put on it.  So there is sat.  I had even bought the carbon paper as I do not have a vinyl cutter. 

Today it came to me.  My favorite Bible verse done subway style.  I printed the verse in a variety of fonts and sizes.  Cut them out and played around until I got the layout I like

 Then I traced every.single.letter. with the carbon paper under it.  Took for-ev-er.  And have you figured out the problem yet?  Yeppers - carbon does not show up on chocolate brown paint - not well at all.

And note - I probably should not have tried this particular project on my first evening with new glasses.

So I started painting the letters.  it is not quite done and I have alot of touching up with the brown paint to do now

But here is how it goes thus far

Still needs alot of work - but hopefully I can wrap it up tomorrow.

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing

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