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Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days... Day 24

Ok - so I failed miserably at the challenge this week-end.  I was afraid October would be rough for this challenge because of the craziness in the Hollow in October.  But only one more week to go!!!

Saturday youngest daughter, one of her friends, and I took grandson to the pumpkin patch - sort of for both of their birthdays.  And for son-in-law's birthday - to give him a day off.  We had a blast!!!

Well - most of the time

Then it was rush home to celebrate son-in-law's birthday

He cooked dinner for all of us on his birthday present.  Smoked brisket - yum!!!!  I had spent Friday after work with oldest daughter and grandson cooking the birthday cake and the sides.

Then it was time for OU football - ok, we won't even go there.  Horrible horrible game.  Blick!!

Sunday I spent catching up on house work and took youngest daughter birthday shopping for herself and grandson. 

Sooooo - no projects were even thought about over the week-end.

And today I completed a project that may get me nominated for mother of the year!!  15 months ago, oldest daughter took youngest daughter's senior pictures.  Today I printed some - finally.  Poor second child!!!  Yes I fell guilty.  I even made a run to get frames.  There are tons more I could print  but here is what I did today

OK - everyone say "aaawwww she is just too cute!!"

They are all now officially in their homes!!

I also started another project that I have been dreading - cleaning and purging the office/craft room.  Definitely no blog pictures !!!  It will take a few days  - but I am relieved to have started it.  Hopefully I can finish it before the challenge is over!!

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing

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