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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days .... Day 18

Wowza - 18 days have flown by already??!!??  There is no way I am going to finish all my unfinished projects in 13 more days.  But I feel like I have made a great headway.  And by the time this challenge is finished it will be time to focus on... Christmas!!!  Woo Hooo - my family loooooves Christmas - the decorations, the traditions, the music, the fabulous church services.  We love the whole season!!

Ooops - back to topic. 

I love banners.  Would have never thought of it myself, but love all the banners through out blog land.  Over a month ago I bought burlap to make a fall banner.  That is as far as it got.  So tonight I broke out the stencils I used for the J's anniversary banner and painted my burlap.  That looked - well - blah, very blah.  So I took leftover material from the pumpkins and put it behind the burlap, stitched it to some jute and voila

Love it!!  I probably need to go back and stitch the burlap to the material to help it lay down better - but it will do for now.  And it makes the living room seem so much more fallish! 

Oh - and don't you just love my fall mantle?  Oh that's right - I have no mantle.  And no real way to put one on the fireplace.  Youngest daughter and I have pondered that quite a bit.  It did not dawn on me how much I would miss a mantle when we bought the house. 

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


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