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Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days .... Day 6

Whew - what a day!!!  I am exhausted!!  We still have

And he is still very attention hungry.  Today we printed more fliers and I called every vet I could find giving them his description and my name and number.  I never thought it would be this hard to return a dog!!

Thursdays are crazy anyway.  I get off work early so I go get our former neighbor who now lives in assisted living and take her out for lunch and to run an errand or two.  Unfortunately - it is an hour drive home.  Yikes!!  And now since our Bible study is on Mondays, we have all the kids for dinner on Thursday nights.  This is getting to be even more special because both girls are spending alot - and I mean alot - of their time studying right now.  Which means, gulp, they have less time for mom.  We were able to sit down and schedule a couple of girls only days for before Christmas.  Woo hoo!!

Which finally brings me to my 31 day challenge.  By the time every one left, I was way too tired to even think, let alone work on a true project.  So I tackled one of the things I dread most - the mending.  I did not even bother to take pictures, because I hate mending.  Ick - yuck - hate it. 

I do not mind sewing - in fact, I usually enjoy creating things.  But mending.  How mundane is that.  Sewing on buttons that popped off, stitching a seam that came apart, and especially more than anything I hate hemming. Yuck.

So I had this pile that I have been moving from place to place since April, for a while.  Well tonight - everything is officially mended and there is no more pile.  Woo hoo!!!  So maybe I am through mending for another 6 months or so!!!

I hope everyone is taking advantage of the 31 Day linky party.  I can loose all track of time - the posts are incredible.  Check it out here

So until tomorrow

Happy DIY'ing


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