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Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days... Day 9

OK - so the title of my 31 day series is finishing what you start.  I did not say that I would finish it correctly.  Just wanted to get that out there up front.

Quite a while ago the girls and I were in a local boutique that had the cutest knitted headbands.  Unfortunately the cute headbands were about $50.  The girls were convinced that Mom could make them a multitude of these adorable headbands.  So off to the store months ago to buy the yarn, etc that I would need.  Screeching halt at that point.

Let me explain.  I do not knit.  I taught myself to crochet by reading articles on the Internet.  That should explain alot right there.  My skills are lacking to put it lightly.

So today I scoured the Internet for a free pattern.  Hmm - nothing that comes close to what we saw.  Looked on Etsy to see if someone was selling a head band or even better - a pattern.  Again nothing close.  So I decided - pattern, schmattern - who needs one.  Obviously if I could crochet a scarf - i could crochet a head band.

Uhmm... wrong.  I forgot that everything I crochet grows - the ending side is longer than the beginning side.  Sort of important if you are making a headband.
So after many tries and now on my second skein of yarn, this is as far as I got

The clothespin marks how much too long the head band ended up.  Yikes.  So I am going to count this as somewhat completed until I get someone who knows how to crochet to help me fix this.  And hey - I did get that one entire skein of yarn out of my stash!!

SO I hope your 31 Days are going better than mine today.

Happy DIY'ing

I just logged on and realized that this did not post yesterday.  So this is Sunday's post

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