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Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days... Day 28

Happy Friday!!  After an incredibly busy work week and even crazier week here in the Hollow - I am thankful it is the week-end.

I finished a little project today that really made me happy!!  I may have mentioned before, but we love Christmas around here. This one really put me in the spirit.  I even popped some Christmas spice into the scentsy pots.  Crazy I know - but after our Christmas in October - or the mammoth birthday week - I always start looking forward to Christmas.

I love all the ornament wreaths that are all over blogland!!  Love them!!!  I do not know where the actual original post is but I book marked this one from Thrifty Decor Chick.  I just love her blog!!  She totally cracks me up!  And her tutorials are always so easy to follow.

I had bought the ornaments a long time ago at the Dollar Tree.  I actually made the form from a cheap hanger a couple of months ago.  When I was cleaning out the craft room it was sort of calling my name.  So tonight I finished it.

I have not unpacked my Christmas ribbon - for obvious reasons - so it had to pose for pictures just propped up on the kitchen counter.  This was a super easy, super fast little project.  I used a mixture of matte, shiny, and glittery ornaments.  I will warn you if you make one of these - when you are first working on it you will probably think "this looks like a hanger with ornaments on it - yuck!!" 

Don't worry, just keep going.  The more you add, the fuller it gets and the better it looks.

All of the tutorials I read said to hot glue the little caps onto the ornaments.  Well I bought these from the Dollar Tree

The little end caps on these are ridiculous!!  I did not end up gluing them because I could not get them off to re-glue them.  So I assumed that if I could not pry them off with needle nose pliers they really did not need to be glued.  None of them popped off during construction.  That probably saved half the time of making this - woo hoo!!!

I was not sure how many ornaments to buy - I could not find that in the tutorials I looked at.  Some said for a small wreath buy 50 to 60.  There were some I read that had used 300.  I was not exactly sure what counted as a small wreath but here is what I ended up with

Mine is about 15 inches across and I used 62 ornaments that are this size

I hope that helps someone else!! 

I did hot glue the last ornament on where the 2 ends of the wreath meet. 

So this cute little wreath cost a whopping $9 - woo hoo!!  And now I cannot wait to see all the Christmas goodies on blogland this year!!

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


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