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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days... Day 19

We are on a roll!!  I love clearing all this stuff out!!  Woo hoo.  Back when I bought all the stuff to make my fall topiaries I also bought enough to make 2 more with the promises that Mrs. J and I would get together and spend the time with just the 2 of us crafting.  We finally nailed down the time today and made one for her and one for my oldest daughter ....  shhhhh, don't tell her - it's a surprise!!

We had such a good time crafting together!!!  And not to mention that my craft room is much happier!!  Do you have any idea how much room 12 faux pumpkins take up!  Yowza.  Mrs J. really seemed pleased with hers which makes me happy - since it was my idea!

We also made her a gorgeous fall wreath - but  I totally forgot to take a pic of it before she left.  I guess that means I will need to make a run to her house for tea and a picture!!

So until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing!!


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