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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days ... Day 11 and 12

Sorry about missing the post yesterday.  We had a thunderstorm in the evening and had everything unplugged.  But I did accomplish one little project yesterday.  I finally spray painted 2 flower pots that were originally bright white.  Spray painting can be a challenge in Oklahoma - you know, where the wind comes sweeping 'cross the plain.  I actually took them to work and "borrowed" the empty offices next to ours. 

I have been loving all the fall topiaries on Pinterest and decided along time ago that I had to make some.  If you remember this year I was determined to decorate my porch for fall.  I had accumulated everything except for the pumpkins.  Last week Michael's finally put theirs on half price.  Then everything sat and sat.  So today was the day.

First I cut the stems off of 4 pumpkins

It took a little elbow grease but they finally gave way. 

My flower pots were too large for the pumpkins so I cut circles from cardboard and lightly spray painted them to match just in case they showed.  I also filled the pots with rocks so that the Oklahoma wind would not take them down the plain.

I hot glued the pumpkins together and then glued them to the cardboard.  I filled around them with dried moss.  I took fall leaves and glued them in any gaps between the pumpkins that were visible.  I took garlands from and staple gunned them to the pumpkins.  Finally I stuck in the last of the left over sunflowers from my fall wreath. 

I know - I need to bring my plants in  - they are not very fallish.  But it is so hot here and they really enjoy the sunshine.  But at least it is a beginning to a fall porch.

And I even had time afterwards to finish my first attempt at subway art

I can definitely see the advantages of a vinyl cutting machine!!  You cannot even tell that I used a different font for each group of words.  Definitely not one of the most favorite things I have ever made.  But here is funny. Honey and youngest daughter love it.  So it is on its way to the guest bedroom that used to be oldest daughter's room.  I do like the idea of it being there.  This has always been my favorite Bible verse and oldest daughter used it in her wedding ceremony. 

So until tomorrow

Happy DIY'ing

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