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Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days... Day 8

I am going to count this as finishing a "project" even though I did not actually start this until after the 31 Day challenge began.  I had plans all afternoon and evening and instead of spending the morning working on a true project I decided I had to work diligently on finding Little Guy's home

He was becoming a part of our family, my Honey was becoming especially attached to him.  So Little Guy and I spent the morning walking, putting out fliers, and talking to anyone who we had not spoken to before.  And guess what....  it worked!!  I had given up and made it back home when a young man came running, literally running, down the street.  Little Guy's real name is Tonto.  Yep - never would have guessed that one!!!  His true owner is visiting her brother who is stationed in Alaska and had left Little Guy with her other brother who lives in our neighborhood.  Which explains why no one recognized him.  The brother works nights and had not been out when we were and had not seen our fliers.  It was a joyous reunion!!  He said we may have saved his life.  Blahahaha

Both daughters and I spent the afternoon/evening together.  It has been so long since we were able to do that.  Waayyy too long.  We decided to try the local flea market in Oklahoma City.  Uhmm ..... big fail.  It was nothing like the flea markets you see on say HGTV.  Lets just say - nastiness - and leave it at that.

Then we went to the Asian District in Oklahoma City

First we went to our favorite spot for tea
and had "bubble" (boboa tea).  Yummm.  We were actually able to just sit for a while and visit.  College takes so much of their time that we don't get much girl time.

Then we went to the huge grocery store to stock up on tea, mint, and other of our favorites
We always enjoy going there, just wish it was closer!!

Then we were off again to the Paseo - Oklahoma City's arts district.

We had a blast going from gallery to gallery - there are some very talented artists here!!  And the shops there - swoon.  Unfortunately they have prices to match the swoon.  But it is still fun to look - even if you don't want to spend $1000 on a lamp or $200 on a bottle of lotion.  YIKES!!

But we had a blast!! - Oh in case you have not guessed, none of the places we went allowed cameras inside.

Then we finished the evening with a driving tour through the Historical District of Oklahoma City.  It was dark by then - so sorry no pics.

Until tomorrow
Happy DIY'ing


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