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Monday, October 3, 2011

31 days... Day 3

I hope that everyone is able to take advantage of the 31 day challenge linky party at the nester.  There are some incredible series there!!  I have been having a blast reading through so many of them.

I am still rolling on my 31 days of finishing what I have started.  So today after work I finished stenciling my bedroom.  Yeppers - it is done!!

Woo Hoo - 2 projects done!!  Now I need to hang the curtains back up - those poor windows look naked!!!

Believe it or not - it was much harder for me to do the soffit than the rest of the wall.  Can you guess why?  I had the house to myself the majority of the week-end.  Honey was out of town. And when youngest daughter was home she hung out with me in the bedroom while I was painting.

But today the family was in the living room while I was painting in the bedroom.  I love spending time with my family more than doing just about anything else.  That caused me to rush and make way more mistakes than I should have.  Meaning more time spent touching up those mistakes.  So what I have learned from this 31 day challenge so far is that I need to coordinate my schedule and not plan projects that take me away from family time.  Maybe then I will have fewer uncompleted projects hanging over my head.  (note I did say maybe)

So until tomorrow

Happy Diy'ing


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