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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 4

Yippeeee!!!!  4 down 27 to go!!  And you know  -  it does not feel near as daunting as it did at the very beginning.  Whew - what a relief.

Now before I show you my completed project, I will give you a little back ground.  I discovered blogland during a blizzard/ice storm in February of this year.  As in we were snowed in the house with nothing much to do but cook,eat, surf the net, etc.  Actually - it was pretty fun.

During that time there were tons of incredible pantry make-overs on blogland.  I love this one  and this one   and this one.   Just to name a few.  Let me tell you - there are some incredible pantries out there!!  And just to pre-warn you, mine is not one of those.

So I dug out what paint I had on hand - which was brown. Then I emptied the pantry, scrubbed it from head to toe, and painted it.  Even though the brown is dark - it is such and improvement over the contractor white which was so porous that any little thing that touched it left horrendous stains.  Then I scoured my craft closet for containers and found some that - well the best I can say is that they worked.  All I needed to do is make little labels for the containers.  Which I did not do until today.  (Although I must say daughter and I have had fun watching Honey dig through all the containers every time he wants anything)

So with out further ado

Ta - blah.  A very boring - but organized - brown pantry.  Oh but I did have to show off the spice rack on the door that Honey built when we first moved in - it is sooo handy.

I found these cute frame graphics at - where else - The graphics fairy.  Then I put them into Picasa to add text.  They are the only cute thing in the pantry.

So why did I procrastinate so badly on this project?  This one is easy for me - mine was not blog-worthy I felt.  All the other pantries were so bright and fresh and had such incredible storage systems, etc.  Mine - well mine is blah.  Very, very blah.  And even though in real life I do not find it embarrassing - in blogland I do.  And I felt that once I finally finished it I needed to put it on my blog so that I could give credit to those who motivated me to get it done.  So to those of you with incredible pantries - thank you!!

Oh - and during that same ice storm I did make this for the outside of the pantry door

My very very first blog inspired project --- a coffee filter wreath.  Love it!!
So at least the outside of my pantry is blogworthy!!!

Until tomorrow

Happy DIY'ing

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