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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Company is a comin'

On lots of blogs (and Pinterest) people are doing amazing things with canvases.  Serious art work.  Just to warn you ahead - mine are not serious art work!!

We just found out that friends of ours from high school are coming to stay a week with us!  Excitement!!  But I need to get something on the guest bedroom walls and try to stay with my self enforced budget.  Sooooo... back to the closet of the girls' old canvases and into the cabinet of craft supplies.  Then voila - cheap wall art!!

For the first canvas I found a scrap of material the perfect size left over from recovering my dining room chairs and simply stretched and stapled it.  I also had an old chipboard initial from a long abandoned project.  I painted it a khaki color but it looked too flat.  So I threw on a coat pf sparkle modge podge to give it a little texture.  Not bad for all left overs!

I have been wanting to make something with old book pages, but had never found the right project.  This was really easy.  I used matte modge podge on top and bottom of pages from several different books and randomly placed them on the canvas.  I really like that they are in various "stages" of aging and some are lots more yellowed.  All the fonts are different, too.  When I was digging through the pages I found this one

It says - "Big Sister's Wedding."  Perfect!!  All the photos in the guest bedroom are from our oldest daughter's wedding. 

I also had a sweet little sticker that I had picked up a bit ago.  It was almost sepia in color and went perfect with this free project.

I hung these 2 canvases with the other 2 I have recently made in an empty corner of the room and added the rocker I just refinished.  Now I hope it feels quite welcoming to our guests

Until next time
Happy DIY'ing!!


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