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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shine on.....

Well - groove is rolling for a bit.  After work today I have gotten the first 4 coats of varathane on and sandings in between on the lower treads.  I cannot say enough good about this product!!
It was pricy - about $50 for the gallon.  And they only sell it in the gallon size.  I chose this brand because of the ratings I found online.  Even though it was $9 more per gallon I chose the water base over  the oil base.  For 2 reason - the smell and the dry time.  The dry time on the oil was 4 hours - this one is 2.  But it has been dry enough to sand much quicker than 2 hours.  I am doing this inside with the A/C on so that may help with dry time.  I have sanded between each coat, but honestly it does not look like you need to.  Brush strokes disappear!! Woo hoo.  And it is very true when it says low odor.  There is basically no smell what so ever.  You have to get within inches of  the can and really "sniff" to smell anything at all.  And also - it sands beautifully.  Makes just the smallest amount of  chalky dust.  My Honey decided this must be what the professionals use because the finish is so perfect.  I had to remind him it was probably just my incredible DIY skill.  Of course, he immediately agreed.  I chose the satin finish because normally I do not like shiny.  I really, really like the finish on this.  Just the perfect shine.  I will take pics when they are not spread all over the living room.  Yep - the living room. 

And before I go I thought I would share a pic of some of the hairbows sis and I made.  These are really different than what my girls ever wore.  So I am jealous, cause they are really cute!!
Ahhh - to have a little girl again.  I am holding out for a granddaughter one of these years!!

Tomorrow I will not get anything done as it is oldest daughter's 23rd birthday.

Hey - do you think she would like one of these bows!!!!


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