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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tiny Steps

Well after work and around cooking supper I was not able to accomplish much on the stairs.

I spent waaaay longer than I ever thought I would have to using these
Trying to remove over 100 of these
From these

I decided that to properly refinish the spindles and hand rails I needed to remove the spindles.  All that was holding them on are 2 screws on each one covered by those caps.  I found ones that will sit flush when I put them back on.  I never really liked these.  But my goodness this took forever  Like over 2 hours!!

I also numbered the spindles - thank you blog land!!!

I would have never thought of that without you.

I have been following along with some of the organizing and "decrapification" blogs, too.  Tomorrow there is a pick up so I got a couple of bags ready to go.  I quickly started cleaning out the under the stairs closet.  Uhhh - definately no pics yet!!  Since youngest daughter just graduated high school I donated all the old school supplies.(not used ones - just all the stuff you buy just in case)  That cleared out alot of space.  I have also been paring down on decor items after reading so many" less is more" on decorating blogs and why keep it if you do not love it.  Wow - should have thought of that years ago.  Those were in there,too. So I donated what oldest daughter did not re-purpose.  Between those 2 categories I filled up 2 large bags- woo hoo.  And I was able to semi - organize what was left.  I do need to go get some containers, but stairs come first!!

But I aslo added one more question to the usual - do I love it, have I used it,etc.  Now I also ask - if I spray paint it will I love it!!


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  1. Great idea on donating school supplies. My oldest is going to be a high school senior! Sniff. Sniff!