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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Could this be my problem - DIYADHD

And now as to why everything takes me so long - typical DIY time for me.

Start laundry, then start ripping out carpet.  Get the first strip of carpet and pad out that covers 3 stairs -ooohhhh gross - there is alot of dirt under 20+ year old carpet.  Go to get vaccuum - washer beeps.  Start another load.  Get out vaccuum - realize the hall is not looking too great - vaccuum hall.  Oh yeah - stairs.

  Vaccuum first 3 stairs twice.  All the dust makes me thirsty.  Go to kitchen to get water.  realize hubby left water pitcher out.  Fill water pitcher and put in fridge.  Realize there are alot of leftovers in fridge.  Clean out fridge, load dishwahser. hmmm...dishwasher almost full.  Look for other dishes, start dishwasher.  Clean kitchen counters because that is what I always do when I start the dishwasher.  Oh yeah - Stairs!

 Remove carpet and padding off next three stairs, vaccuum them.  Doorbell - neighbor to look at door.  Ahhh smile!!! Visit with neighbor - dryer buzzes.  Switch laundry - start new load.  Find receipt in pocket of laundry.  Go to file receipt - see bills.  Get online pay bills.  Look at blogs - Oh my gosh - Stairs!!!

  Go rip carpet off landing - vaccuum.  Look outside and see rain.  Run outside to roll up windows on all 3 vehicles.  Come inside and go to bathroom to dry off.  Bathroom looks a little sad - clean counters and toilet.  Oh my gosh - STAIRS!!!

 Rip carpet off 2nd landing - laundry is buzzing - ignore laundry.  Finish all the ripping off of carpet and pad - yippeeeee!!!  Go switch laundry - start another load.  Fold first 3 loads.  Look outside and realize glass door is really dirty.  Clean glass door - check out back door - yep - clean back door.  Hmmm..  Oh for goodness sake - STAIRS!!!

 Vaccuum rest of stairs - twice.  May I say ewwww gross again.  Start ripping out tack strips and staples - laundry buzzes. Switch laundry - start new load.  Go to get drink - realize time.  Start supper.  AUGH _ STAIRS - how do I keep doing this.

  Back to tack strips and staples.  Almost done, ignoring fanatical beeping laundry, what is that smell.  Oh my gosh - run back to kitchen just in time to save supper.  Get honey started on supper - oh yeah - STAIRS!!  Could I have really gotten this distracted again.

 Finish tack strips and staples.  vaccuum again.  Eat supper.  Clean kitchen- again.  Return phone calls that I ignored while working on stairs.  Doorbell - again.  Visit with friend for a sec.  Jiminy - STAIRS!!

Out to the garage - thank goodness it has cooled down - sand treads.  Clean treads.  Start staining treads and realize that of all the things I went and got today it never dawned onme that I might almost be out of stain.  So at 11:00 I run out of stain - with 2 unstained treads.  Oh my!!!

So does any one else suffer from DIYADHD   -   or is it just me!!


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