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Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I am up to....

Well i have decided that if I am going to maintain this blog, I have to update it as I am working on projects.  I am way too slow to wait until I finish.  So here is what I am up to.  On Friday my stairs looked like this:

Now today - Sunday - they look like this:


This is going to be a job!!!

There are obviously no bull nose treads hidden here!!!  And what looks like filler is actually the top of the wall - yep sheet rock.  I do believe that I have my work cut out for me!!!

I did find what I think is a really good deal on solid oak treads - special purchase at lowe's for $19.98 each.  Score  (if this is not a good deal please don't burst my bubble).  So those are now sanded, and have their 2nd coat of minwax dark walnut on them

OK - they look better than this - I am still struggling with my picture taking.

Unfortunately other than gathering supplies from quite a few stores all I got done was - removing carpet and padding, removing tack strips and staples. Staining new treads - no top coat yet.  Even though we are getting rid of the treads I wanted to remove all the tacks and staples because we have to use them until the new ones go up.

Oh and thank you to everyone who has responded to my questions about redoing their stairs!!!  There is so much valuable info here in blogland!!!


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  1. all you got done was the carpet and padding...HA! that is an enormous job in itself! LOL! They are going to be gorgeous!