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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Hail!!!

Well I got absolutely nothing done today.  But I have an excuse.  Youngest daughter got back from her senior trip to Disney today!  Yippee!!!  So oldest daughter and her hubby came to dinner to welcome her home.  We had just sat down to eat when we heard a noise.  Oh oh.  It was this, out of no where

Which soon became this

Which lasted longer than any hail storm we had ever had.  Then it stopped for a few minutes.  But came back with a vengence.

Yikes!!!  oh course we lost power during this.  And the wind was blowing like crazy. Ok - so we thought it was wind.  There was a tornado about 1/4 mile from our house!!  We did not even know it until we started getting texts!!!  Too close!!!

Hail storm number 2 finally slacked off .  And then hail storm number 3

Oh Hail!!!!

We do not know about roof damage yet - but did lose alot of fence.  Yippee - another project!!(sarcasm)

There is a funny story.  There were no cars in the garage because that is where I was working on the stair treads.  So oldest daughter and I thought we could move the stuff really fast and pull in some cars.  I open the garage door and hail actually hits us in the back of the garage!!  Owwww.  Needless to say - the cars suffered outside.  But  the few minutes the door was up soaked my treads!  Agony!!  So while the guys are looking for damage to cars - the girls and I are drying off the treads and searching them for damage.  Priorities!!

Right now we have power, but 35,000 people do not.  Yikes!!

This was nothing like the Joplin or  Piedmont tornados, not even in the ball park.  So we are truly blessed and thankful!!


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  1. omgosh, that's some big hail! hope there wasn't any damage!