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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What DIY does to me

The stairs are progressing.  Sloooowly, but progressing.  I have stained the newel post and hand rail on the first section of stairs, hopefully tomorrow I can put the poly on those.  The tops of the first 7 treads are satined and varathaned.  The bottom portions of the treads are done - staining and varathaning except for one that had an oops.  Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow too.  And the lower section of the baserail inside the stair well have been de-glossed with Krud Kutter and the adhesion primer is on.  Woo  Hooo!!  Hopefully over the long week-end between bar-b-ques I can talk Honey into helping me pry off the existing treads.  I am totally amazed at the people in blog land who re-do their stairs in a week-end.  Oh my goodness - how do they do it!?!?

Of course I do have interuptions.  All the kids and the grandbaby spent most of the afternoon and evening here, leaving right at grandson's bedtime.  Of course, he was armed with chocolate from me - hee hee.  I just love it when they are all here!!  Even though I get nothing done - I would not have it any other way.  I did get to teach grandson how to use the paint can opener.  His parents were a little less than thrilled with that one.  So he and I opened every paint can we could find, only to hammer them closed and open them again.  He is quite the master at opening now!!

And some how between DIY, vacationing with the sister and daughter's birthday I have fallen behind on house work - way behind.  And I am usually a bit OCD about it.  For insatnce this (do not look if you have a weak stomach)
Yep - that is PART of the laundry I did today.  There are several scary aspects to this
1  - I was not done yet
2 - this does not include the massive amount of items hanging to dry
3- I can usually fold all my laundry on the folding counter in the laundry room
4 - This is the scariest - I did not even go upstairs to get daughter's, this is all mine and Honey's!!

What on earth was I thinking!!!

At least today's DIY had lots of dry time so the downstairs is looking rather back to normal.  Oh yeah - except for all the treads still spread through out the living room.

Does DIY do this to anyone else?

Hopefully I will remember to take some pics tomorrow and post on the ever so slow stair progress.



  1. Hurrah! Someone who can't keep up with the laundry! I'm not alone!

  2. Hi susan- Thank you for the sweet comments. Made my Monday morning! Happy 4th of July! Stay cool! We are suppose to hit 97 degrees in Denver!

  3. Hey Laura- thanks - we were at 104 today, totally miserable!!