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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inching along

This is going to be quite the project, but I am steadily knocking it out a little at a time. 

The first round of spindles are ready for paint
To get them ready for paint I followed instructions from Miss Mustard Seed.  First I wiped them down twice with

I was quite impressed with this product!!  It really knocked alot of the shine off the shellac/varnish that is torturing me.  I followed the directions carefully, keeping the rag satuated and then wiping it off with another one before it dried. Then I primed with
This is what Miss Mustard Seed suggested for painting over a shimy surface.  So far, so good.  It does not "feel" like I painted over shellac.  It feels like it had adhered well.  Only time will tell.  I then tried to fill all the scrapes and nail holes with elmer's wood putty.  It worked great unless the scrapes were too small and then I kept sanding it all out.

Now I just have to decide on paint.  All of the trim that I have painted I have used Behr Ultra in artist canvas.  But I was considering using the pro-namel by Sherwin Williams in as close a match as I can get because it is self-leveling.  But I have heard mixed reviews as some say it is really hard to work with and easy to overbrush.

Anyone tried it?  Recomendations?

And on the actual stairwell I have finished stripping section 1, sanded with 60,120, and 220.  Now just to clean it again and one quick coat with the 320 and it should be ready for conditioner and stain.  Yippee!!!

Also - any thoughts on satin or gloss poly?

I plan on using wipe-on poly. 



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