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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm baaaaack.......

Well I am back and starting to recover from my long week-end with my sister.  However I have not got my "groove" back.  The only DIYing I got done today was sanding the treads for the lower half of the stairs sanded with 320 paper so that I can get the varathane started tomorrow.  Hopefully I will have causght up on rest by then!!

Well - our trip to Homegoods was not overly successful.  And it was not a true Homegoods.  It was a large TJ Maxx.  I did find a nice white pitcher that I had been looking for. My biggest score was that I was able to get serving dishes and dessert plates for one of my friends upcoming birthday.  She has a hard to find dish pattern so I was able to get my gift for her, her daughter's gift for her, and her husband's gift for her.  She will be sooo tickled!

My sis and I got some serious retail therapy in!!  I got all my Christmas shopping done for her family and sent with her.  Woo hooo!!!  We also went for the first time to The Container Store.  Wowza - that was so much fun that it was overwhelming.  Where do you start!!  But I sense a return trip.  We also made a hige trip to Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

Then we spent the majority of the remaining time crafting in our room and catching up.  It was wonderful.  She has granddaughters so we made lots of hairbows and little items for their American Girl dolls.  It has been a long time since I got to do that since my baby is 18 and my grandson would not appreciate bows or doll stuff!!

I was not a good blogger though.  I forgot to get my camera out until the very end.

I hope this finds all of you well - and I hope that I get my groove back.  Stairs are waiting!!


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  1. Your visit sounds like great fun! Glad you enjoyed it.