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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a day off from the stairs

Today for the first day in a long time - I did absolutely nothing on my stairs.  But I had a blast!!

After work I met my friend Cindie for lunch and a much needed day of fun.  Cindie is battling the C word.  She has faced with such bravery and such a positive attitude - I am in awe and honored to call her my friend.  This has been a really rough month for her with her treatment so she really needed a girlie day.  And what a day we had!!  We went here

Ketch design center
They do not allow pictures inside - but here is their promotional video to give you an idea of how much fun we had

Cindie wants to re-do her formal living room and asked me to help.  WOW - spending someone else's money is soooo much fun.  But unfortunately we are the blind leading the blind.

Thank goodness when we first walked in we were greeted by our own consultant who worked with us for hours!!  Awesome.  we just walked in off the street, this is how they treat everyone.  We aorked with him for hours  - still no decisions, but lots of samples came home.

And the amount of material they have - made my heart flutter!!  Rooms - huge rooms - of samples and sample books.  Be still my heart.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Ketch's, just love to shop there.  They can get pricey - the first fabric we looked at was $270/yard.  GULP!!!  But after seeing the color drain from our faces he took us to the section that started at about $10/yard.  My kinda guy!!!  They even have their own fabric line that is mid range - $30 - $55 a yard.  But ooohhh soooo gorgeous.  I could spend a week just looking at the samples in one room. 

We really enjoyed our day tremendously - but the heat just saps everything out of you.  We Okies are really not used to this and the heat dome shows no sign of leaving.  Sigh...  And you know it is hot when a church bulletin board says:

Satan called - he wants his weather back

Oh - so true!!!!

Happy DIY'ing



  1. "Satan called- he wants his weather back!" Love that!
    Housetalkn has the same background so I am biased, but this is so cheery! Thanks for stopping by!
    Kerry at

  2. Thanks Kerry - and this is my fav of the backgrounds too!!

  3. hahahahaha!

    I can't wait to see what you do! Exciting!!!

    Thanks for sharing our excitement, Susan and for taking the time to comment on our room in the design challenge! The reassurance is appreciated! We had a great time, we love the room but we're nervous! There's a contest coming up! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Stay cool!