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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into

look at those pants - want to do my laundry

We removed a few more spindles around the landing.  Have you ever sanded over your head.  Even with the dust bag - yuck.  I think I may have eaten my weight in sawdust tonight.  

And the funniest part is yesterday I could not stand it anymore and vaccuumed,scrubbed, and mopped this area.  Not very well thought out.  At keast I managed to get the handrails and baserails of both sections stripped and sanded with 60 grit.  I will fine tune it with the 100,220, and 320 tomorrow.

These are the 2 sections I was able to get done.  Unfortunately I could not do this section yet:

If we took down all the spindles at once there was no stability to the handrail.  Youngest daughter's room is upstairs so she is up and down a few million times a day and we just did not feel comfortable with it.  I am still in awe of people who can refinish their stairs so quickly.  I am seriously doubting my idea that i should have just jumped right into the DIY with such a big project so soon.  My uncle suggested that maybe I should have started with a picture frame or something.  Funny man!!  At least I have learned alot - and I mean alot!!

And my kids are so encouraging.  They say the sweetest things like:

"Wow - that is amazing!  It looks just like it did before."  Oldest daughter on Nonnie's china cabinet.
"This is so cool - you made the laundry room match the buttons on the washer."  Youngest daughter on laundry room redo
"Man - these stairs are awesome! They feel like a baseball bat."  Son-in-law on stairs in mid progress.
But perhaps the best comment goes to youngest daughter's boyfriend. "You are getting really, really good at all this home improvement stuff.  You are not making anywhere near as big as a mess as you did last week."


Kids for sale - cheap!!!

Happy DIY'ing!!


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  1. Hi, you are making progress though and seem to be enjoying it! I admire you for taking on such a big project. It will look fab when it's finished, you wait and see.