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Friday, July 29, 2011

For a change

I am taking a break from my usual stairway project from beyond to share with you a quick and fun craft project.  My sister and I had a girls' crafting weekend last month.  We met halfway between Oklahoma and Mississippi in Little Rock, Arkansas.  One of the projects we were able to accomplish in a hotel room was making "backdrops" for her grandaughters' American Girls dolls.  All 3 of the girls play with their dolls for hours, so this was the perfect craft for us. 

They were really simple to make.  We used bi-fold project boards that are made of foam board.  I believe that the size was 22 x 28 inch.  You can pick these up at office supply stores for under $5.00.
For the "wallpaper" we used 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbooking paper.  It takes 8 sheets per "room."  We used a coordinating ribbon to form the "chair rail" where the 2 papers meet.

pink and orange bedroom - as requested

pink/black/zebra bedroom - request number 2
 Then we hit the scrapbooking area for accessories

We found these little cork boards at Hobby Lobby - they actually hold pushpins.  The little metal frames are scrapbooking.  We cut words out of scrapbook paper and framed them.  Then just hot glued it all to the board.
The mirror is from the candle section at Hobby Lobby.  Half price it was 75 cents.  We gorilla glued it and then embellished it.

We found metal clock faces on clearance in the scrabooking section.  The purses are stickers.  The "shelf" is a piece of packaging styrofoam with ribbon glued on it.
(please excuse the crappiness of the cell phone pictures)

We found these little wooden containers on clearance for a quarter each.  So each girl got one to match a room to hold all the little pieces that accumulate for dolls.  We just glued the paper on and my sis modge podge them when she got home.

We were able to make 6 rooms.  2 for each girl.  They were super easy, and sooo much fun to create.  The best part is - the girls love them!!!  We have plans to make each of them a kitchen one next time we get together.  Martha Stewart makes the cutest kitchen-y stickers that we have been stockpiling as we see them.

One of my friends is going to have each girl at her daughter's birthday party make one.  What a great idea!!!

The only down side - my grandson really would not appreciate it if I made one for him!!!

Happy DIY'ing