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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I will be cleaning house for 2 months after we finish..

Need I say more?

Me:  "Wow that dust collection bag really does not work well."
Honey:"Oh - it had a hole in it, but I did not feel like returning it."


But to explain.  The landing was in horrible shape and my sander was not working fast enough so honey bought

This is one powerful sander.  It took me for a walk across the landing.  It works like a champ though and plows through anything.  WOW.  Just check the dust bag before you - or honey - uses it.

There is almost no way to tell what all was wrong with the landing.  First of all, the header holding it up was not attached to anything.  Seriously, the entire landing was being held up by 2 large nails.  Scary.  Honey solved that - it involved a truck jack-yep, you heard me right, new bracing, and a new support structure.  Oh and to build said support structure Honey bought

Because the little 20 year old black and decker we had is about worn out.  Actually - it was a great purchase.  It is much easier to control, has variable speed, and lots of features our old one did not have.  I likey!

And for those of you keeping count that is
2 sanders
2 saws
1 multi max tool

all purchased for this project.  Yikes!!

After Honey had secured the landing to the point a herd of elephants could stand on it, we worked on getting it as level as possible.  We used the belt sander to shave off a generous amount of wood on one side.  It worked very well, the belt sander takes no prisoners.  Hopefully soon we will get back to the beautification portion instead of the structural boring but necessary portion. 

Hope all is well in DIY land


Oh and one more for laughs

Bring your vaccuums, microfiber cloths, mops, whatever you have and come party in the hollow!!

Check out Kristi's new party - it is for projects you are working on - Awesome!!

Creative Kristi


  1. Oh dear! I definitely don't envy you having to clean up after that lot! Making good progress though and you must be happy with that.

  2. Yes - I finally feel like progress is being made, EXCEPT in the cleaning of the house area. LOL

    thanks Missy!!


  3. So much work but so worth it - just in the safety factor alone! Geez!

    I feel your pain - that sort of dust gets all over everything even when the bag doesn't have a hole. I don't envy you! Good luck! ;)

    Thanks for the reassurance earlier on our room design - means so much!


  4. Oh, wow! I don't envy the cleanup. This may be why my dreamed-of stair remodel is waaayy down at the bottom of the priority list! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  5. Thanks so much for the comment! Keep up the search for a chair! I ran across this one for just $15! Couldn't believe it! Good luck!

  6. Thank you all for the sweet comments and encouragement. I may have bitten off a bit too much for this to be so early in my DIY experience. But maybe there is an end in sight!