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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An evening with the kids

I guess that you know from the title I did not get much done on the stairs today.  I sanded a few rough spots on the spindles and touched up the paint.  That's it.  Not much.

But we had a great evening with our youngest daughter and her boyfriend.  The guys grilled chicken while us gals made spaghetti sauce and all the fixins.  I love still being able to spend time with the kids.  One of these days - really soon - we will be empty nesters and the stairs (and all the other projects) will still be there.  So if the kids want us... projects get put on hold.

And I may have mentioned that I am a bit OCD sometimes about the house.  Well it was really getting on my nerves so I had to organize something.  So while we were visiting I tackled the kitchen.  The spices were all askew - now they are alphabetized again.  My kids loooove to rearrange them to mess with me.  I got all the small appliances wiped down and their respective shelves scrubbed.  Cleaned out and organized the tupperware cabinet and the baking cabinet.  I also gave both a very generous purge.  Maybe one of these days I will actually get it down to what we really need.  Most of the kitchen cabinets are all scrubbed out and the shelf liner cleaned and replaced.  I use that type that is removable but "grips" the shelf.  Grips may be too strong a word, though.

So I had a wonderful evening with my daughter - and got a really clean kitchen.

And guess what - the stairs are still there!!

Oh and we had great news from our oldest daughter today.  She received an "extra" scholarship today that she was not expecting.  She is transfering this fall to do her clinicals for her BSN.  She just received more $$ today for having a GPA of 3.0 on her bachelor's studies.  Woo hoo.  Youngest daughter has a full academic tuition waver for her first year.  What to do with the money we have saved.  Double woo hoo!!

(Sorry - proud momma moment - had to share)

I will get nothing done tomorrow night either - it is our Bible study night.  Sooo hopefully this week-end I will be back at it.

Hope all is well with everyone


  1. Well done to your girls! You deserve your proud momma moment!
    And great job on your kitchen, I'm promising my kitchen a good going over as soon as school breaks up and I am on holiday for six weeks. I wonder if I will keep my promise!


  2. Thank you Missy!!!

  3. Hurray! Family first. DIY second. ;)

    I love spending time with my girls too!