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Monday, August 1, 2011

We're feelin' hot,hot, hot

I am soooo lucky that my honey is handy!!!!!  Right now we are experiencing this:


And for the double yuck - this morning this broke, died, kicked the bucket, went belly up---


Luckily our upstairs unit was behaving - so at least it was tolerable.

It was the enitre blower motor.

And my ever so talented honey was able to find one on his lunch hour and get it installed after work.  Woo Hoo!!!  So - the a/c just came back on!!

Gotta love a DIY honey - especially when the A/c guys are weeks behind because of all the problems with the extreme heat.

Woo hoo!  Go Honey!!!

Happy DIY'ing
(and I hope it is a more fun project than ours)



  1. Oh dear! I don't think I could function in temperatures likes that! If we had a week of hot weather like that in England it would be on the front page of all the newspapers, headlines on the news and the whole country would come to a standstill. You should see us when we get some snow! One of our national pastimes is talking about and moaning about the weather but I think most of us secretly like it how it is. We don't cope well with extremes, we have to go on our holidays for weather like that! Next week I am off to Gran Canaria for a week but I'm not expecting it to be as hot as the weather you're experiencing, we'd all melt!
    Lucky you have a clever honey to fix your a/c. Enjoy your day!

  2. Haha - thanks Missy!! It is hard for us to function, too. This week is the hottest recorded week in our state's history. We are not used to this either. I think we have adopted your national pastime - all we do here is moan about the weather, too.

    Have a wonderful holiday - but take your computer with you so that you can blog while you are away!!