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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Favorite Things in My Town - Linky Party

For those of you who follow Centsational Girl you know that she is hosting this awesome linky party

And if you are not following her you are missing a great blog!!

I have really enjoyed reading all the posts about all the wonderful places her followers live.  Sort of like a mini-vacay on your computer.

So I thought I would brag about my town a bit.  I will start off by saying we are transplants.  I am a Mississippi girl born and bred.  My Honey was in the Navy so in 9 short years we lived in  San Diego, California;  Orlando, Florida;  North Chicago, Illinois:  Virginia Beach, Virginia; and finally here to Oklahoma.  We liked it here so much that we decided for our family it was best for him to leave the Navy and make it our permanent home.  Never will it be a decision we regret.

Now onto the introductions

For a small town we have GREAT shopping

Great boutiques and clothes on Campus Corner - not too mention lots of great food in this area

In old town Norman there are lots of vintage shops, antique stores, and more boutique type stores.  And even more great food. 

We even have a little mall - and our mall now has ....drum roll please - JoAnn's!!

There is always something to do

Great concerts - like U2

Lots of city sponsored festivals like Norman Musical Festival where downtown is shut down for a week-end and dozens upon dozens of bands play in different venues.

Live theater

Great museums

And with our favorite season starting this Saturday - woo hoo!!!!  One of the best things about living in Norman

Love us some OU football!!!
But seriously - the University gives the entire town a sense of unity - everyone has pride in OUR university.  And it is a beautiful campus

But the best part of living in Norman is the people.  You can truly find someone you "click" with here.  Probably due to the fact that being a university town such a wide variety of people live here. 

Seriously - come on down for a visit - the SOONER the better
(You knew I had to do it!!)

Now go to Centsational Girl and link up your town.

PS - all the photos that are not mine came from the city of Norman website

Happy DIY'ing



  1. Your town looks charming! Exactly how I imagine a small town in America to look. Even down to the way the cars are parked facing the kerb! I've only been to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Disney in Florida (which is like a town in itself) so my experience of the US is more about big cities.
    It looks great!

  2. What a fun party - getting to see the world via blog friends. I love your city! So much charm!

    I wanted to tell you thank you soooo much for your vote and help. This is so important to me and every vote is so appreciated! :) I wish that entire room was the prize too! One for me. One for you! Wishing you luck in the giveaways! Thanks for trying to remember to vote everyday in the 30 days of HGTV Home! You're awesome!


  3. I grew up in Oklahoma City and moved from Edmond a little over a year ago but I have a special place in my heart for Norman. I spent many a weekends there in high school and college and summer camp in the dorms. We CAN NOT wait for football!! Living on the west coast everyone is a USC fan (YUCK!). We have to pay to get our Sooner games but it is so worth it! Thanks for all the pictures of one of my favorite places. -Krissy

  4. Thank you all so much - we love our little town.

    Krissy - our first game is this Saturday - can't wait!! I will eat an extra nacho in your honor!!

    Missy - I would loooove to see your town!! Link up!!

    Roeshel - I remembered to vote today!!

  5. Hey I just got your sweet note! Thank you SO much for voting for Roeshel and I that really means a lot! I hope you win some free flooring!!!

  6. I'm back to tell you thanks again! I am so thankful for your votes, Susan! Every day, every vote helps! Good luck to YOU! I'm so glad you're making the most of it and entering every day!

  7. Hi Susan! I went to OU so I know Norman very well! Such a great place, what a fun linky party too! Maybe I'll run into you at a game this season ;)