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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I saw several bloggers following this awesome idea from a girl and a glue gun and thought it would be great fun.  I love getting to know everyone better and hope others want to play along.  Just go to her page,copy and paste, and link back to her

MAKING:  I will give you 2 guesses - give up...stairs.  Also decorations for an upcoming surprise party

COOKING:  Salmon and veggies for me and the Honey.  Our kids run screaming when we have fish, it's a great way to clear the house.  Hahaha. 

DRINKING:  Cucumber water by the gallon!!  Seriously - try it.  Put about 15 to 20 slices of cuke in a gallon of water and keep in the fridge.  Super refreshing!


I am about halfway through - it is different than the more recent in this series, more like the older ones.  But all are really good!!

WANTING:  New bedroom furniture
Maybe something like this
But I cannot decide - and it is too hot to shop.

LOOKING:  Through incredible blogs and swooning!!

PLAYING:  Like I can DIY

WASTING:  as little as possible  - remember the R's!!

SEWING:  Nothing right now - but youngest wants a tee-shirt quilt from all her cheer shirts.  I keep pretending she did not ask.

WISHING:  For rain and cooler temperatures!!

ENJOYING:  Our first taste of empty nest - youngest is gone for 2 weeks.  It is a wonderful time for just me and the honey!!

PRAYING:  for my family - always!!  God has truly blessed me in the family department

WAITING:  for paint to dry - literally!!

LIKING:  That this opened this week  - 10 minutes from my house!!

WONDERING:  How time passes soooo quickly!!  If I could figure that out - I could figure out how I always fall behind on things!!

LOVING:  (see PRAYING)  and on a lighter note

Dremel 6300-03 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit
the handiest tool - EVER!!

HOPING:  That I will finish the stairway to.... (you know) this week.

MARVELLING:  That my girls have grown into young ladies that I call friends.  They are sooo uniquly different from each other and yet still good friends - always there for each other

NEEDING:  About 5 more hours each day.

SMELLING:  Lavendar....  my candle,scentsy,laundry,cleaning supplies.....  well you get the idea!!

Lavenders Yellow, Spanish and French
WEARING:  Paint covered clothes - the DIY wardrobe

FOLLOWING:  A whole lot of awesome blogs!!

NOTICING:  that my kids are getting so old but I am only 30 (at least in my mind!!!)

KNOWING:  That life is good!!!

THINKING:  About my next project.....  and the next.... and the next....

BOOKMARKING:  Ideas for a "vintage luau" surprise party.  Any suggestions?



GIGGLING:  at the dog that thinks I am going to share these!!

FEELING:  Loved!!!

Now everyone play along!!

Happy DIY'ing


p.s. the quilted euphoria is hosting an "" party

Come play along!!


  1. how fun! thanks for playing! it's super fun getting to know you~

  2. Thanks for playing along! I love getting to know new readers! T-shirt quilts are awesome. If you ever decide that your youngest didn't ask you, but still need it done, let me know! :-)

  3. HAhahaha - thanks Amber - you may regret offering!!