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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The dome is broken!!!!!

The heat dome that has been trapped over us for the entire summer has finally been broken!!  Sautrday was once again over 100 degrees.  Miserable!!  But Sunday (and they are saying for the next 14 days) was in the 80's.  Wooo Hooo!!!

So instead of being inside working on my stairs like I probably should have been - I found as many projects as possible to do outside.

I cleaned the craptastic shelves off on one side of the garage.  No pics as that would be really boring.  But it has really been bothering me and I am soooo glad to get it done!  I have several bags for charity and the trash can was full. 

Then it was on to the front porch.  Well at least part of it.  You may remember me saying that we had new windows installed last Thanksgiving.  It was probably the best thing we have bone for this house.  Even with the record breaking summer - our electricity bills have been the lower this year than the past 3 or 4 years.  However, the window installers were horrible caulkers.  You may remember here where I whined told about repainting inside the windows where they had done the over caulking job of the century.  Well the outside was not spared this embarrassment either.  But right after we had them done it turned cold - way too cold for me to paint outside.  Then after the 12 days of spring this year it was too hot.  Now it is just right - says Goldilocks

Here are the before of the house that caulk built

This is not a true before because I had been outside for an hour scraping caulk off the actual window frame.

And bless their little hearts - they actually used paintable caulk outside!!  So after scrubbing and then a coat of paint...

Soo much better!!!!  The pictures really don't do it justice.  It is so much crisper.  I still have three little windows above these to do.  But those require the ladder so Honey has to get that out for me.  And fortunatley the rest of the downstairs windows are surrounded by brick and they did a great job caulking those.  Notice I said downstairs windows.  Yep - there are 4 windows upstairs that are not surrounded by brick. 

But for now....  Happy DIY'ing!!



  1. 80 degrees! I don't think we had one day that hot during our whole summer over here in England! It feels well and truly like Autumn is setting in here now!
    I'm not much of a diy-er so I'm not quite understanding the windows! (Sorry!) Looks like you did a good job though!

  2. Extra chilly and rainy here! blah! I'm so glad that you had a break and this looks great! :)

    Thanks so much for remembering to vote and entering the contest/giveaway, Susan! Your help is so appreciated! Good luck!