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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just chillin' and attack of mammoth moth

We are still enjoying our break from the heat!!  I cannot make myself stay inside --it is just too gorgeous outside.  We are becoming re-acquainted with our neighbors as everyone has been coccooned inside with the AC for months now.

Honey broke out the ladder and I climbed up and painted the trim around the upper windows.  No before pics - sorry.  I did not want any extra time on that elevation!! 

As I have mentioned our house was built in the 1980's and has every icky 80's design element you can imagine - including tons of 80's brassy brass which I have been on a mission to remove.  Even the front porch was blessed with brassy brass

Brassy brass house numbers

While I was shaking like a leaf working on the ladder I removed the house numbers.  The picture above was taken after I removed them.  That nastiness is my painting board - not my house.  (Just to clarify).  I had a few sample sizes of Behr with primer left from other projects and decided I had a good enough color for the porch.  So I scrubbed the brassy brass numbers with deglosser to hopefully help the paint stick and slapped 2 coats of paint on.  Then I sprayed them with clear flat spray paint.  I love that stuff!!  It seemed to work - I tried scratching them with my fingernails and the paint stuck.  Awesome!!
So then it was back on the ladder to rehang them.

This picture also shows how nice and crisp the trim is on the upper windows.  You will just have to take my word for it - there was caulk everywhere!!  I think they actually just stood in the yard and threw handfulls of caulk in the vicinity of the upper windows!!  But it is fixed now and I feel like our porch is so much more welcoming now!!

I even put a nail back in the door that I refinished - I really had to talk myself into that one!  Now my fall wreath is finally in place.  Of course - it may look silly next week when temperatures are supposed to be in the mid 90's.  But it will remind me that fall will arrive  -- hopefully.

I almost forgot the BEST part of the porch adventure today.  Since I did not want to climb any higher on the ladder than I had to, I could not actually see the top of the trim.  Evidentally a Ginormous ridiculously huge moth had made a nice little home up there.  And evidentally when I was painting his home - I painted him, too.  And painted him ALOT.  And evidentally I painted over his eyes because the wet paint coated moth flew into everything.  And I mean ev-er-y-thing.  So I spent an hour or so scrubbing moth shaped paint splats off the brick, the chair, the window - well you get the idea.  I did manage to maintain my deathgrip on the ladder and did not fall off while being buzzed by angry paint covered moth.  But on that note - I did have to scrub a paint brush shaped paint splat off the side walk.  Moths are not on my happy list right now.

Happy DIY'ing



  1. Hi Susan! What a beautiful welcoming entrance to your home! I love the new number colors and LOL at the poor moth! My door is presently the daddy long legs resort. Yuck!

    Thanks again so much for remembering to vote and enter everyday! :)


  2. Thanks so much Roeshel!! And be careful not to paint your daddy long legs!!