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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My first printables

I - the non-shopper - have actually spent a good deal of free time this week getting ready for Christmas.  Possibly the earliest ever!!  I do not enjoy shopping as I may have stated a few hundred times, but my girls have been really good about going with me and motivating me this year.  So that is my excuse for not posting much this week.

Tonight after supper before my little "Potter Heads", as we like to tease them, were off to wait in line for the midnight release of Harry Potter, the oldest and I sat down for some mommy crafty time.  Gotta' love it!!

I found some really cute printables atThe Blooming Homestead.  They are super cute.  You can also find awesome free printables at Creative Kristi's blog.  So I printed out 2 copies of her leaf printable and broke out a couple of Dollar Tree frames, some paint, and some dry brushes

The frames were not very autumny.  Just plain black and plain brown.  After about 20 minutes oldest daughter had made this for her house

And I made this for our house

I must say that I did not understand all the printable craze going around blogland.  Uhm... now I may have a new addiction! Love it!! 

And thank you to those of you who know how to make these incredible printables and share them for free!! 

Happy DIY'ing

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  1. They turned out great! Its always fun to see how people use my printables. :)

  2. Neat printable! I still haven't caught onto this whole craze yet, but I am getting close! Just need more ink for my printer. lol