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Monday, November 21, 2011

Armoire and Excuses

Yes I realize I have been very absent.  I was really feeling terribly guilty until I checked in on a few of the blogs I follow and several bloggers were so overwhelmed with the craziness of this time of year that they are taking time off blogging until after Christmas.

I have been very busy with family, activities and projects.  Woo hoo - projects are getting done!!!  I will post on several of them in the next few days.

The first one is not technically a project... yet.  I have seen several armoire make overs all over blogland.  So many bloggers talked about finding great deals on armoires on Craigslist.  So I began scouring Craiglist looking for a really cheap one for the master bedroom.  Honey likes having a tv in there - yuck!!  So we have had an exposed tv for quite a while.  Since I am slllloooowwwlly working on the bedroom I thought an armoire would be perfect.  I finally found a really good deal on one - woo hoo.  Most people still wanted way too much.

When we went to look at the one I found - I was really disappointed.  It was in sad,sad shape, was not wood or any form of wood, and someone had drilled holes in the sides of it to run cords through.  Bummer. But in the same garage I saw this one

She was just about to list this one too.  Since we had driven over a couple of cities she sold us this one for $100.  Woo hoo!!!!  This is huge and all wood!!  I am not crazy about the color, but I am not doing much about that yet.  Not until I decide what to do about the rest of the furniture.

All I have done is touch up a ton of small scratches and put on/buff off some paste wax.  It looks great!!

This one shows the detail of the inlay on the bottom doors - swoon

These show some of the other details on this monster. 

Oh and since we had to move the majorly heavy dresser that was originally on this spot, my bedroom walls are finally all painted!!

Now I just need one of the furniture gurus on blogland to come be my personal shopper and find the rest of the bedroom furniture!! 

I promise I will try to do better blogging.  Not only is it the crazy holiday time of year, this is the time of year that we are swamped at work.  Some days I barely make it to the couch to collapse!!

Until next time
Happy DIY'ing

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