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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Village People

YMCA....  oh wait - I was not actually talking about the band from the 80's - I was talking about my kiddos.  But I had you for a minute didn't I!

When the girls were little we bought them an ornament each year so that their trees would not be bare when they started their own homes.  Then their adopted grandparents, their real grandparents and various friends started buying them ornaments, too.  Soon our tree was overwhelmed and we knew they would be fine their first Christmas away.

What to do, what to do?

I decided that I would start a village for each of them and add pieces to it each year.  Oldest daughter obviously has all of hers at her home - so today I will share youngest daughter's, which currently resides in our dining room (now what will I do when she moves out!!)

Her village in its entirety - rather hard to get a total picture

Each of the girls received a church as their first piece - going forward from that they were specific to each girl.

A reindeer home -

Santa's toy shop

a second church - for Santa land

The first three years youngest daughter was into the whimsical side of Christmas - so we worked on her Santa land.  I think it is still her favorite part of her village with the bright colors and whimsical trees.

A snowball fight from the year we had way too much snow.

A ski lodge from her first winter snowboarding trip.  That was usually a spring break trip.

Pizza by the Slice was her favorite high school lunch spot

The old train station is the heart of our town's downtown area and she loves to spend time there - downtown, not the train station!!

And a night time shot - tee hee!!

So there you have our version of the village people.

I hope you enjoyed it as it is one of our favorite Christmas decorations!!

Until next time

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