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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my little corner of blogland.  I hope you stay a while, and honestly I hope I stay a while.  Why am I creating a blog?  I keep asking myself that same question.  My introduction to blogging was dear Lisa at  She has an incredible, motivational, educational blog on achieving her version of the American dream.  Take time to read her blog from start to finish if you ever get a chance.  The inspiration you will receive from her is sooo worth the time.

One day on Lisa's blog she mentioned Miss Mustard Seed.  Hmmm..what is this she is speaking of.  So I followed her link to  Uhmm...WOW!!!  My introduction to DIY through the world of blogging.  Mariann  - Miss Mustard Seed - is such an incredibly talented woman.  I cannot imagine having her creativity.  She is amazing.  Through her blog I followed a link to   And again - WOW!!!  More talent and creativity.  And even though these 2 women use their talents to help support their families, they are beyond generous with sharing their tips and secrets.  I have learned that in blogland this is called a tutorial.  And through these 2 sites I learned of the linky party.  Looking at the projects on these parties, I realized there is a tutorial  in blogland for EVERYTHING.  Yowza!! 

Something Miss Mustard Seed says really struck a chord with me - sell your house to yourself.  Do not put off all those improvements, etc., for when you are selling your house.  Do them now, move mountains in your home.  This made so much sense to me - we had done the exact thing in our first home.  Just lived in it until time to sell, then a rush of home improvement projects that someone else is now enjoying.  So I started small, making a few crafts for the home.  I used to always craft with the kids when they were small and used to craft with friends.  But never anything just for me or the house.  Then I moved on to some of the popular blog projects going on - i painted and organized my pantry and redid my laundry room.  (Do you sense a couple of posts coming?)

So then I wanted to start a blog, but even though I was very proud of what I had done, I do not feel it is blog-worthy compared to all these phenom women in DIY land.

Then I found Nony.  Nony is hee-lar-eee-ous!!!  But Nony is also very honest and started her blog to keep herself accountable.  Hmmm - that is a concept I could grasp. Maybe....  Nony has become an inspiration to others, but even still she uses her blog to motivate herself.  Maybe just maybe....  I do not have visions of grandeur for myself, I am nowhere near as talented and Miss Mustard Seed or Donna at Funky Junk.  I am not inspirational like Nony and Lisa, but maybe just maybe I can use my blog to keep myself accountable and moving forward.  Making my house into the home I want it to be, and perhaps making a few friends in blogland along the way. 



  1. Oh Susan...I just love you! Inspiration is what YOU are! for the last year...your encouragement, talent and humor have just kept me having fun with my blog.. and I love your blog! I am so glad you started this! You have been one of my very best friends in blogland and I am so glad you decided to share YOU with US!

  2. Lisa - I just love you girl!! Thank YOU for all the inspiration you give others. I am soooo honored to have you follow my blog!!

    Blogging buddies are the best buddies!!